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Sunday, 3 March 2013

XS B26-2 .22

Purchased this gun because it has a shrouded barrel and is a copy of the HW 95 , the B26-2 is the thumbhole version of the B26, these a a very good copy even having a copy of the record trigger. the standard B26 looks like this :

The XS-B26-2 is based on the old XS-B20, which itself was a clone HW 95 break barrel. The compression chamber has been enlarged from 25mm for the B20 to 26mm for the B26-2, for better power and consistency. The XS-B26-2 is the result of many refinements, upgrades and improvements in materials and quality control, and provides a fine and accurate shooting experience for enthusiasts seeking accuracy rather than all out magnum power. The B26-2 is fitted with a thumbhole stock with raised cheek rest for a more ergonomically comfortable fit.
The model I have has had the stock stippled and a shroud on the barrel, shoots really well and has a good solid feel to it. I would recomend this gun to any one who wants a good springer at a reasonable price.



  1. Where have you bought this rifle and how much have you paid?

  2. bought off a mate who owned it , paid £120.00 , these are rare now as they have the record trigger copy the new ones don't.