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Friday, 15 June 2012

Umarex B2 (Renovation / strip / rebuild)


We were given a B2 rifle by a Farmer who shoots at our Club, It was in a hell of a state , red with rust and wet with oil where it had been smothered to stop the rot - bit late for that!!.The stock however was in very good condition and not covered in the thick brown gunk that the Chinese call varnish. On closer examination it had the word UMAREX on the breech. Umarex is a German company, the gun looked identical to the Westlake B2 models, however on stripping it the only difference was that it had a metal screw on cap at the rear of the cylinder instead of the flimsy plastic push on ones the Westlakes have, everything else looked the same. Below are pictures of the stripped gun.

The piston was in good condition , no rust, but the leather seal had disintegrated - luckily I had a replacement.

Rust was quite bad but it had not pitted the metal

the insides were in good condition, once cleaned and de-greased they were quite serviceable.

the above shows everything cleaned up and the exterior had been wire wooled and polished to get it smooth

Gun is not worth re-bluing so we decided to prime and paint with tough satin black paint

Assembly of these is quite straight forward, the new piston seal was a tight and there was a reasonable pre-load on the spring.

Had to change the 2 side screws that hold the stock on and other than the piston seal everything else went back on with the correct lube.

Pleased with the finish and the first 20 or so pellets were of good power and the trigger is very sweet, not at all heavy.

I cannot find out much about this model other than on the clone list for B2 rifles there is a reference to the Umarex China 62, what i do not know is, is this a B2 made in china stamped Umarex for Umarex or is it made by Umarex and copied by the Chinese?

link to portal --http://chineseairgunportal.brutuz.com/clonelist.htm


  1. my friend where can i buy the piston seal for the UMAREX b2?

    1. Try this guy , that where i got mine from, you will need to measure the diameter and let him know

  2. Is the main spring the same for the smk b2, the same as the westlake b2