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Thursday, 3 May 2012

B3-1 (AK47 Look a like air rifle)

B3-1 air rifle, side lever, folding stock and looks like an AK 47, it is actually more like a chinese type 56 , the folding stock and part of the shell are the same as the type 56.
I purchased this brand new in .177 calibre, still had a covering of grease all over it fresh from the factory.

These are not very powerfull out of the box , usually about 6lb, they strip down really easy and have very little pre-load on the spring, I changed the spring for a new stainless steel one and this uped the power a bit.
The folding stock is very solid and locks up tightly with no movement. The open sights are good and the front sight needs the same tool to adjust as an AK 47.

The look of the gun is quite pleasing but it just does not look right with out a magazine!!

Decided to fit a magazine and see what it looked like. This was easier said than done, firstly the metal is thick and my dremel struggled to cut the opening for the mag, Next problem the anti - beartrap hangs low in the stock so there is not a lot of room to play with. I managed to use strips of metal to fit and clamp the magazine in place.

Looks a lot better now, Magazine is a real one not an air soft , still I was not happy with the look an AK 47 does not have a folding stock like this. I managed to get a real AK wooden stock and after a struggle managed to remove the folding stock and fit the wooden one, at the same time I also got a fire selector lever from an AK and fitted that. Red dot sight also fitted instead of the scope and i think she looks good.

overall a nice handling gun, fairly accurate and I use this as my open sight gun at the club.


  1. That's a smart looking gun.

  2. the sear on the trigger is broke on mine.... where did you get it from and do you know who stocks spares for this gun.

  3. try on the http://ukchineseairgunforum.myfreeforum.org/, there are dealers and collectors on here some one will have one