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Sunday, 17 March 2013


Needed to reduce the power on the 98 , she had slowly been going up , on a recent chronoing I had a reading of 812 fps which is just over 12lbs , so needed to reduce the power, general advise was remove 1 spring coil or compress 1 coil by heating and collapsing , i decided to remove 1 coil below are the step by step actions to get at the spring

Remove the scope

Remove mechanism from stock by removing the 4 screws.

remove the trigger guard
remove action from stock

next remove the trigger mechanism , 2 pins need to be drifted out with a punch and the head of a screw driver to tap them out,

pull the pins out once they are through far enough

then cup the area where the safety is , as when you slide the trigger mechanism it will pop out, your hand will catch it, remove the pin and the spring.

when the trigger is removed you will see 4 small square plates these need to be removed, using a small allen key or bent nail pop then out trough the small holes behind the plate , this can be fiddly but once you get 1 out you can get to the opposite one easier with a straight pin.

the trigger block holder needs to be removed now , for this you will need a rubber ( eraser ) the block twists out anti - clockwise, place the rubber down and stand the gun on it , press down and twist and the block should turn releasing the lug, at this point the spring will push the gun up- there should not be much pre-load on a standard spring but if your gun has been apart and some one might have put an ox-sping in be very careful.

with this block removed you can get at the spring, if you needed to get at the piston you would need to remove the screws that hold the break barrel to the main tube.

Cut the spring as required and finish the end with a flat surface
then grease the spring with moly grease, not loads but a reasonable amount

then put the gun back together , which is the reverse of stripping.

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