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Monday, 18 November 2013


My son owns one of these and I have used it a couple of times, In comparison to any other spring powered Weihrauch rifle I have owned or used this is completely different in many ways. The biggest difference is the Gas ram obviously, its very smooth and quiet and consistent, this gun groups better than my HW98, the trigger is not a Reckord trigger but is just as good, the safety is in a different position its on the block in front of the trigger guard.

This is one big gun it weighs in at 8.75lbs and is 1080mm long, it is not a gun for those of a smaller stature. It has almost no recoil so is easy to shoot in that respect. The long barrel means you have to have a good follow through technique, It has a safety reset catch which means you can put the safety back on once you have taken it off - handy for hunting  .

Overall a well built big rifle, very accurate , whisper quiet.

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