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Friday, 2 May 2014

BSA Deerhunter 8-32x44 Side Wheel Focus AO Mil-Dot scope

Thought I would try one of these scopes a BSA Deerhunter 8-32x44 , I really like the finish on the tube and the general look of it , I also want a 32 mag scope but didn't want to spend a fortune. Got this from Hong Kong only took 5 days to come, its more than likely a copy of a BSA due to the price ;-).

Quality is really good, the glass is nice and clear and the parallax works well, it zeroed very quickly. I have put it on my BSA Hornet, no recoil as its a PCP so wont have any issues with that.

I will be shooting it this weekend in competition and a bit of hunting so will report back on how it goes, so far impressed with the quality of finish and the clarity of the glass , if it holds its zero then i think it will be a good buy.

Update 11 may 2014 - Used the scope today in a competition , It held its zero and I shot very well, was surprised at how good the glass is , nice and clear and it focuses very well, I usually shoot on x10 and it was spot on even focuses down to 8m nice and clear. Also noticed the gun was a lot lighter.


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