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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

LOGUN S16 .22

Well finally did it - bought a PCP rifle, Had tried this gun at the club and really liked the look of it, had a shoot and it felt good - not soul-less how some PCPs feel, shot count is high, it well built and has has a new set of the correct quality seals, zerod it and got a 1 hole group with AA Field 5.52s. Will add a Bi-pod soon but next thing i need is a Dive bottle to fill her. Overall very pleased. Have added some data below photos of my gun .

The Logun Sweet sixteen S-16 .22 Cal. Precharged Air Rifle   The Logun Sweet sixteen S-16 .22 Cal. Precharged Air Rifle , 16 Shot rotary magazine (twin 8 shot magazines), 16mm bull barrel, 400cc buddy bottle air supply, Integral pressure gauge, Stainless steel Supa-Speed bolt action, Stainless steel cross over safety catch, Integral Scope rail for scopes upto 50mm, Includes Silencer. Length 39 inches 990mm with silencer and bottle fitted . Weight 7.9 lbs 3.59 Kg. Barrel 14.5 inches 368mm. And you get 225 shots per charge.


  1. The one i am thinking of buying seems but heavy with out the scope can a lighter bottle be fitted. What is the maximum pressure for filling.

  2. @Dave , the bottles are specific to the Logun i have never seen smaller ones.Pressure i filled to was always 2 bar. When you put a scope on that will even the weight up but they are butt heavy