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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

TX200HC .22 (MKIII)

TX 200 MK 111   I am very  pleased with this rifle , purchased recently off a friend this rifle is highly accurate @ a zero of 35 yards & is consistent in grouping it is a joy to use.The weight is not an issue as the balance is perfect in-fact , the rifle comes in at a little under twelve & a half pounds with scope . The rifle is well engineered & simple to use the  quality speaks for itself. The blueing has been stripped leaving the bare metal that has been polished to a mirror finish this gives the rifle a distinctive look and feel.

The stock is walnut with "fish scale" carving, I find the feel of this gun to be better than the HW77 & HW97 the stock feels chunky the trigger is predictable and light and as good as the record trigger on my HW98. Anyone looking for a full power under lever rifle this rifle ticks all the boxes. This model is the HC (Hunter carbine ) which has the shorter barrel see picture comparison below , asthetically I think the HC looks and feels better, and accuracy is not effected by the shorter barrel 

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