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Thursday, 3 May 2012

TS45 Sidelever Rifle .22

This is a really interesting gun and quite unusual. When I purchased it the seller sold it as a Fast Deer KLB3 , which i thought it was until recently. The KLB3 looks similar but has the safety in the side of the stock and no bear trap release under the stock.
The TS45 has been around for along time and appears in a number of guises.

The main features of this gun are
  • long barrel with moderator
  • manual safety in the trigger guard - push forward and it stops trigger moving
  • push button under the stock - level with the breech - pops out when you cock the rifle, have to push in to release the bear trap and push side lever forward
  • side lever action
  • .22 - likes superdomes

The stock is good quality for a Chinese rifle and is not covered in the  brown gunk they normally use.
I have stripped and lubed the action and fettled the trigger slightly, chronod at 10lbs so not the most powerful gun but has incredible accuracy it is pellet on pellet at 25 yards ( .22 superdomes ) the trigger is predictable and crisp.

The one thing I did not like about this gun was its looks, although the stock is full sized it still looked odd due to the long barrel.
I reckoned a TX200 stock would look good on it and improve the looks.

The stock I got was broken so i had to first fix that , the TX200 is an under lever so the under lever slots had to be filled and then all the in-letting adapted to fit the action

The stock came up quite nice with about 4 coats of varnish and a rub down between coats, once the action was fitted I liked the new look - bit like a prosport?

I would recommend this gun to any one the accuracy is excellent, I have not seen many on the web so if you have one let me know your thoughts on it.


  1. I have just (2days ago) found one rusting in a barn ,after asking after it the owners gave it to me ,A quick tear down and clean later and is shooting great groups ,but is rather low power (8.6 fpe)

  2. Hi guys ! i have the same Air gun , got it for free , it shoots very nice groups , but i don't know how to disassemble the welded trigger to change the leather seal and to lube the parts.
    If you have any images to sent me or any link's that can help me i will be very , very grateful !
    Have a nice day !