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Thursday, 3 May 2012

B2 Rifles - where most people start

It is fair to say that one of the most common air rifles about is the Chinese B2 rifle, This is mainly due to price and the fact they have been around for years. I purchased my first one about 6 years ago for the princely sum of £20.00.
Any one who is familar with these guns will know that they are generally poor quality, particulary the stocks, usually coated in a thick brown finish that is very difficult to removed, and when removed usually reveals where the stock has been filled. the gun is an all metal break barrel with a release mechanism  for the barrel so you dont have to force it open to cock. Single stage trigger which is heavy.
These guns get critisied heavily by a lot of gun snobs but they are responsible for a lot of people getting into the sport and then buying better guns as they progress. It has been said that they could put people off because they can be inacurate but then a £600.00 gun can be inaccurate to the same degree with the wrong pellets. You have to persist with a new gun until you find the make of pellets the barrel shoots well and you have to get a few 100 pellets through it to settle it down, a B2 is no different just not as fancy or as powerfull.

The above are 2 standard B2 rifles , the top one is the classic stock seen on most models (stock extension not standard), the one below is still a standard stock but has a plastic butt and no finger grooves Current price for these is about £40.00 but you will see some retailers charging a lot more, available in .177 and .22 there are custom models available with a better quality stock £70.00 and also carbine versions £70.00.

Overall an excelent plinker, good gun to work on and improve. If you fancy having a garden plinker for some fun for not a lot of money this is the place to start.

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