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Friday, 17 January 2014


I wanted to build a tactical looking QB78 and had seen some versions using Jackal stocks. I had the idea to mount weaver rails on the stock for a Bi-pod/handle , torch and laser, a long cranked bolt and either an air stripper or silencer. The Jackal stocks are robust and look good. I have a couple of the Air Arms High Powers and really like the look and feel of them and the shoot well.

I was able to purchase a Jackal stock from http://www.relics.org.uk/productinfo.php?product=584
It takes a reasonable amount of modification to make the QB action fit , the main work is around the trigger area but if you work slowly and carefully it is fairly easy, you need ideally a sharp chisel , a Dremel type tool and some sanding cutting bits and a hacksaw.
 I bolted the action to the bottom of the magazine area with a longer bolt and hid this with the magazine, this needs to be a good fix as you don't want the action to have any movement .
the stock has to be shortened so you can get to the end of the gas tube to put the CO2 bulbs in, you can purchase long tubes that take 4 capsules and there for the stock could stay longer but I prefer it at this size with the 2 capsule tube. The weaver rails screw in to the stock quite well as the plastic is thick and strong, the bi-pod is a dual purpose one , bi-pod or handle. Below are some photos taken whilst fitting the action.

Below are pictures of the finished article , I am waiting for a laser to arrive and it will be fitted on the opposite side to the torch.





  1. I have one of these too! A QB89 with a Jackal stock! I am in the process of converting it to HPA.

    1. Would like to see a photo of what you have done