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Thursday, 20 June 2013

Nikko Nighteater 30mm 6-24x56 MilDot SWAT Scope

Giving this scope a try, wanted to have a go at a bit of FT shooting with the .22 Hornet.
On looking at Chairgun on x24 for a .22 I needed extended mildots so that 55 yards had a mildot, on a normal mildot scope with 4 mildots this only goes to 42 yards. The extended mildot (6 mildots ) gives me the option to shoot at 55 yards on x24.
The scope is huge!!16.5 inch's with the sunshade 21inchs.
The optics are very good, nice and clear it has a 30mm tube , I have been setting the wheel up for range finding and can range find accurately within about 1/2 - 1 yard accuracy. the scope cost me £175.00 which I think is good value for a scope of this quality , it comes with mounts , large  side wheel , 3.5 inch sunshade & flip up scope caps.
The turrets are pull up to adjust and then push down to lock, there is a small Allen key bolt in the turret so you can set your turrets to zero once set up.
On x24 you can parallax down to 10 yards, if you lower the mag you can clearly see at less than 8 yrds mag adjustment range is 6 - 24.
So far I think this scope is really good and excelent value for money , the optics are in the same quality range as my MTC scope.


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