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Saturday, 22 March 2014


Bought myself a HW97K in .22, I wanted a good quality .22 with a fixed barrel, I have owned HW77s and TX200s in the past and had heard good things about the 97, The weight is good about 9lbs, It has a good balance. I have put my 10x44 Viper scope on her so that's increased the weight a bit. Was quick to zero and seems to like falcon accuracy pellets that I find really good with a flatter flight because they are very light for a .22. I like the look of the gun the under lever catch is very good quality. I was also able to keep the scope sun shade on as the loading port is wide and open .Because its a .22 the recoil is less harsh than a .177, so far i am thinking this will become my main springer.

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