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Thursday, 13 September 2012


Added an MTC 10 X 44 SCB scope to the Logun , awesome optics and a really good reticle, lines of the scope suit the gun.

Key features
Click lock sniper turrets:
Pull up to turn, push in to lock. Easily adjustable and impossible to turn by accident.
Thumbwheel adjustable windage and elevation numerals:
Ease off the thumbwheel and turn the number fascia, lock it off again and your zero is marked. No allen keys to adjust. Adjustable Illuminated Recticle :
Easily reachable by your left hand, no more unsightly binnacle on top of the scope.
Superb MTC_SCB reticule:
If Carlsberg made reticules they would have made this one. The reticule is unique and probably the most useful small calibre reticule ever.
Unique lens:
ETE microlux coated lens, unique to this scope. Incredible low light performance with no distortion.
Integral colour coordinated metal flip up covers:

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