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Sunday, 3 June 2012

Beretta 92fs co2 .177 pistol

Beautifully crafted in Germany by Umarex, to Beretta's detailed original design, this pistol is as impressive as it is a delight to use.  Amazing how similar this feels in most ways (weight, feel, balance) to the standard firearm though it has to be said that the nickel version looks and feels slightly odd and replacing the standard plastic grips with wood ones adds little.    
Very accurate and surprisingly powerful, yet appears to use CO2 powerlets more economically than most. Single action trigger weight makes consistent shooting very easy (once your arm muscles have got used to the overall weight of the weapon) and ambidextrous safety works well.  Rear sight is adjustable (as usual, windage only).  Non-blowback and no recoil but makes a great 'practical pistol' nevertheless.  
This is a high quality, serious .177 cal air weapon and should be treated with respect; even those familiar with firearms could be forgiven for mistaking it even at close quarters for its real cousin.   


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